China has the largest internet population in the world and it continues to grow. According to one estimate, the total number of netizen in the country will hit 730m in 2016. This presents significant opportunities to the internet industry.


In the voice-enabled communication market, there are several internet voice communication service providers in China, including iSpeak, Dudu and Tencent's QQtalk, and leading international internet voice communication service providers, such as Skype, that are expanding in the China market.In spite of the intense competition, we are still able to grow our market share. According to iResearch’s 2013 report, YY had 87% market share in terms of accumulative time spent, dominated China’s real-time online voice communication market.

As an integrated online social entertainment platform, we also face competition in several major aspects of our business. In music and entertainment for instance, the key players include,, and Sina Show. Amongst all, YY is the best recognised brand in this market due to its technology advantage and appeal to wider user group.

China’s online game market worth US$ 16bn is estimated to continue to grow at around 15% annually between 2015 and 2017. Although mobile games growth surged since 2011, client-based games still dominate the market, with around 74% share, followed by web games, c.14% share. Competition in the online game market in China is intense. Our major competitors include other hosting platforms such as Tencent, Qihoo 360, and YY’s online game business has been able to outperform the overall online game market in recent years.

Game broadcasting is a relatively new market in China. Started in early 2013, the number of users is projected to reach 148m in 2017. YY was one of the first companies that offer this service and have become the market leader in terms of number of users soon after. However competition in this market has intensified since the second half of 2014 following an inflood of venture capital investment. In order to maintain our market leading position, we plan to increase investment to enhance our product offerings and user experience in this area. Our key competitors in this market are,, and

For more details about market competition, download our 2014 Annual Report.

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